’’Psycho-social necessities of families adopting children in the Republic of Moldova’’
Titlul proiectului:
RO - „Necesitățile familiilor adoptive în Republica Moldova"
ENG - ''Psycho-social necessities of families adopting children in the Republic of Moldova''

Durata proiectului:  5,5 luni

Data lansării:  1 ianurie, 2012

Perioada de raportare: 1 ianuarie – 15 iunie 2012

Locul de desfăşurare: Republica Moldova

Suma totală a grantului: 5 000 EUR / 71 830 MDL

''Psycho-social necessities of families adopting children in the Republic of Moldova''

RAPORT NARATIV --> Raport_narativ_Necesitatile_familiilor_adoptive_in_Republica_Moldova.pdf

RAPORT FINANCIAR --> 92_11_M_Financial_Report.pdf




"Dear Ms. Lela Metreveli,

Thank you for sending us all the reporting documents related to the implementation of project 92/11/M.

We confirm having received all the necessary reports together with supporting documents. After studying them, we believe they are clear, accurate and in line with our requests. Also, we have noted that the audit report confirms their accuracy. We found particularly interesting the way you recorded the results of the project, per each stage of implementation, pointing out each time the positive and the less positive results.

With regard to your question of returning the amount left, EUR 270, in the project, in the form of printing a new brochure. Please note that you have our agreement to proceed with this suggestion.

With regard to the implementation of the project.

Our general impression is that this project was well implemented, in line with the project proposal we agreed upon, with respect to the general conditions and the budget limitation. We also consider that the targets that were set in the beginning were successfully met. We particularly appreciated the capacity of your organization to cooperate with the local authorities and to find solutions for the difficulties met along the process of implementation. We also hope that this experience will be useful for you in the future.

We congratulate you for having completed this project, as well as for the results achieved. We also wish you success in the future projects your organization might implement.


Ana-Maria Ivanov Balan

Commercial, Cultural and Press Officer

Desk officer for the Republic of Moldova

Royal Norwegian Embassy


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Тelephone: +373 22 920 700
Adress: 17, Sfatul Tarii str. 
MD-2012, Chisinau, Moldova
(in courtyard)
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