Stop Torture in Moldova
Project title:
„Stop Torture in Moldova"

Description of the problem organisation wants to address:

The most wide spread forms of the Human Rights violation in Moldova are torture, other ill-treatment and arbitrary detention. The Project "Stop Torture in Moldova" is foreseen for 7 months (August 2012 - February 2013) and aims to contribute to the realization of the freedom from torture, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in Moldova (including Transnistrian region). This will be achieved by raising awareness and consultancy on protection mechanisms for victims of torture and arbitrary detention among general public and victims of human rights violations. The relevant Moldovan authorities will also be targeted, being monitored for taking measures on increasing and observing safeguards against torture and other ill-treatment in police custody and penitentiary system, combating impunity, and preventing further violations.

To achieve that goal, the project aims to create a specialized web site, which should become a comprehensive informational resource for wider Moldovan public (on both banks of the Dniester river), as well as for victims of human rights violations in terms of rights and effective tools for the defense of victims of torture and other degrading treatment at the national, regional or international levels. We look forward to establishing a helpful informational resource for victims and/or potential victims of human rights violations, who will be guided towards efficient combat of torture and prevention of that in Moldova.

The site will not only state the existence of and describe the problem of torture and other forms of inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment in Moldova, but also provide solutions for solving this systemic phenomenon. The site will assist the public in identifying torture, discerning the concept of torture from other forms of degrading treatment or punishment; it will also provide practical advice for victims of torture, degrading treatment and arbitrary detentions for the defense of their rights. The site will contain information about national, regional and international mechanisms that permit rights defense of victims of torture and degrading treatment; institutions that should be addressed to defend victims of torture; how to exhaust the effective ways of defense; how to lodge a complaint with the European Court of Human rights or the UN Committee for Human Rights. Nonetheless important is information about methods of documenting torture cases, the correct usage of medical check-ups, reports and other medical documents in national and international courts. The site will accumulate all necessary information about organizations that deal with the problem of torture; results of their work; information about lawyers who work on torture cases, etc. Finally, the site will let users know what the recommendations international organizations have addressed to the Government for torture to be ended, and follow-ups on government action for implementation of the recommendations.


Project sustainability:

For site's activity after the end of the project, the site will be attributed a sub domain with an independent, autonomous access to it, and also with access from the organization's webpage. For example, if website of the organization "Human Rights Embassy" is called, then website of project "Stop Torture in Moldova" – This will give beneficiaries the possibility to reach the specialized project site directly, or through the organization's site. Moreover, after the end of the project the site will continue its existence indefinitely and will be periodically updated within the organization's site, the fact which will insure the sustainability of the project.


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