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Clooney Foundation for Justice Responds to Conviction of Mikhail Benyash in Russia

The Clooney Foundation for Justice's TrialWatch initiative monitored the trial in Russia of lawyer Mikhail Benyash. Benyash was convicted of the "use of violence ... against [a] representative of [the] authority" under article 318 of the Criminal Code of Russia and fined 30,000 rubles. While Mr. Benyash was given only a fine, the conduct of this trial raises serious questions regarding the impartiality of the court and respect for the right of the defendant to examine witnesses.

A full text of the Statement is available HERE

The Clooney Foundation for Justice's TrialWatch initiative monitors criminal prosecutions of vulnerable persons around the world. This proceeding was monitored by Human Rights Embassy as part of the TrialWatch initiative.

Attachments: FileDescriptionFile size 20191011-Benyash-Statement-RU.pdf 292 kB ...

В июне 2016 года в Белграде состоятся консультации со спецдокладчиком ООН по вопросам независимости судей и адвокатов

Дорогие коллеги,

Как вы знаете, команда Посольства Прав Человека (Human Rights Embassy) участвовала в общей работе Сети Домов прав человека, в лице участников / выпускников, национальных команд, экспертов, партнеров и менеджеров программы Сети ДПЧ ILIA, над отчетом «Адвокаты прав человека под угрозой: необходимость усиления гарантий оказания правовой помощи (на примере Азербайджана, Беларуси, Молдовы, России и Украины)».

Отчет посвящен рискам и проблемам, с которыми сталкиваются адвокаты прав человека в постсоветских странах при оказании правовой помощи. В отчете представлены результаты исследования, проводившегося экспертами и авторами Сети домов прав человека в ходе конференций, консультаций и анкетирования выпускников и участников проекта «Дистанционное обучение адвокатов правам человека» из Азербайджана, Беларуси, Молдовы, России и Украины.

Исследование выявило серьезные проблемы и риски для адвокатов и юристов, ведущих дела о нарушениях прав человека – от угроз...

Update to the Report 2015 “Human Rights Lawyers at Risk”

The pressure on lawyers working on human rights or representing individuals claiming their rights were violated in most of the countries we are considering has only intensified in recent years. Human rights lawyers from the countries represented in this document - Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Russia and Ukraine, are increasingly subjected to harassment, threats and intimidation, regular and extraordinary re-certification, discredit, disciplinary proceedings and disbarment from their professional organisations, administrative punishment and even criminal persecution, including imprisonment.

Lawyers and Jurists provide professional defence of human rights, ensuring the right to qualified legal assistance to victims of human rights violations, as a key principle of the right to a fair trial. In their professional activities, human rights lawyers promote the application of international standards in national court system and make extensive use of international mechanisms, such ...

Human Rights Embassy took part in the Annual Meeting of the Regional Network of Legal Aid

The Annual Meeting of the Regional Network of legal aid for people affected by HIV/AIDS, which brings together 29 organizations from 9 countries in Eastern Europe and Central Asia, took place in Kiev, Ukraine, on 11 -12 September, 2015. The meeting was supported by the UNDP Regional Office. The theme of the meeting was the short and long-term strategic planning of the activities of the Network of legal aid.

The participants of the meeting have shared the information about their current legal practice. The main part of such successful practice were won lawsuits to grant a temporary residence permit in Russia, not to disclose a confidential information on diagnosis in the medical records, to restore the infringed rights of internally displaced persons and refugees with HIV, not to deprive the rights of HIV-positive parents to educate their children, to provide an early release from prison to convicts with HIV who cannot get treatment while in prison. Representatives of the Kazakhstan...

The new version of the site was developed within the Internews project Audience Understanding and Digital Support, funded by the Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, Sida

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